Pump Lift for Simple Pump Installation

For many installations, one of your staff can handle it alone. The packaging can easily fit inside a van or truck. (9′ for the drop pipes.) For deeper installations, our pump lift may be useful. With it, one person can do the installation or maintenance alone, instead of needing two people.

The Pump Lift (PL1) is a manual crank-input device with driven, opposed gripper belts. It will lift up to 325lbs. of a Simple Pump system having our 1″ PVC drop pipe containing up to 90lbs. of water.

The Pump Lift will pull and install a Simple Pump system from/to a “set” of up to 325 feet with a static water level of up to 300 feet. Important note — the lifting capability of the PL1 is directly related to the belt traction between the pipe wall and the gripper belts. Iron oxide bacteria (slime) or algae growth on the outside of the PVC pipe will diminish the total lifting capability.

MSRP = $975
Shipping weight = 40lbs.
Shipped fully assembled (except for stainless crank handle)

2 years from date of purchase.
Wear parts not included under the warranty: gripper belts and drive roller gripper surface.  Under normal use and care with daily usage, the expected life of the gripper belts is 4-5 years.

Pump lift for Simple Pump installation

A few drops of light machine oil should be applied (with the excess wiped off) to the roller chain, sprockets, ball bearings and spur gears / ratchet after every use.
Oil on the underside of the gripper belts and on the drive rollers should be avoided.

UV Exposure
The gripper belt surface will be degraded over long-term UV exposure. It is best to keep the PL1 unit out of direct sunlight exposure when not in use.

You can watch a video of its use. Second video on this page:


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