Features and their Benefits

Simple Pump™ is… Cost-effective

Feature Benefits
Motor mounted above the well Very convenient for maintenance.
Elegantly simple and efficient design Greatly reduces parts wear and tear so you avoid costly downtime.
Aerospace-quality machining Easy installation and low maintenance costs.
Low-profile setting In just 5 minutes, lever arm and linkage can be removed and pump lowered to low-profile mode to deter vandals. Pump then stands only 5 inches above the ground.
Small diameter Easily installs in as small as a 2″ well casing.


Simple Pump™ is… Durable and Reliable

Feature Benefits
CNC-machined stainless steel Resists corrosion. Made for long-term, trouble-free operation.
50-year useful life Keeps your maintenance and replacement costs very low – even in extreme environments.
PVC drop pipe Prevents chemical reactions to many types of pumped liquids.
20,000 pound tensile strength fiberglass rods Lightweight – makes it easy to pump 5 gal./min. with minimal effort.
Lifetime warranty In case of defects, any part will be replaced and shipped in the continental U.S. at no charge.


Simple Pump™ is… Environmentally Adaptable

Feature Benefits
Weep hole Freeze-resistant even in severe conditions. We have many pumps operating 24/7 without difficulty in high-wind, freezing temperatures reaching -17°F (-27°C).
Designed for flexible installation Pump can be installed in a casing off of true vertical by as much as 20 degrees. (Well casings are ofter off vertical because of the realities of drilling material with variable hardness.)
Solar power option Allows for remote, unattended operation.
Manual or battery operation Easily move pump from well to well.