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Client Story: Sense of Security

Client Story: Sense of Security
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Simple Pump
Published on
December 15, 2022

The first part of our “story” is our installer: Glen Rhodes of Marshall, NC.

Glen is a long time well installer and has worked for a local well company for many years. He explained that he has installed several Simple Pumps in the past and has always had excellent results. We originally asked him to help us install another company’s pump, but Glen told us that Simple Pumps were “easier” to install than the pump we originally chose. On his recommendation, we chose Simple Pump and ordered it for Glen and his brother to install privately for us.

We live in a remote area of North Buncombe County in the mountains of Western North Carolina. When we bought this 10 acre piece of property, all that was on it was a rough road, septic system, an electric well system, small outbuilding (that the former owners lived in-not up to “code”).

After making the outbuilding a house and getting our certificate of occupancy, we moved in. The well immediately went dry!!!

We had a well company come and drill a new well in a new location. The new well is four hundred feet down and water is not plentiful on this side of our mountain. With all the earth changes that have been happening we decided that water is our most critical need. After several years Glen told us we had a static line of 171 feet in the old well and we made it a priority to get water without electricity. The Simple Pump has given us a sense of security should we lose power (which has happened many times in ten years here).

Thank you for asking for our “story”, and thank you for an excellent product.

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