Water when you need it

Don’t worry about power outages, storms, or submersible pump malfunctions with the Simple Pump. Our pump will work through these problems and more.

We understand how it feels to not have immediate access to water.

That’s why we developed the Simple Pump modular water pump system.

Install the hand pump as a world-class backup to your submersible pump, or change the hand pump to a motor-operated system for an automated pump system that can be converted back to a manual pump in minutes.

Meet the Simple Pump

Simple Pump Hand Operated Water Pump

Hand Operated

Simple Pump's standalone DC Motor: model for use in pump house or other shelter.

Motor Operated

Solar Powered Simple Pump

Solar Powered

Simple Pump Features


Easy to Install

Installs in almost all wells next to your submersible

Pump Into Pressure

Use Simple Pump to pump water into your pressure tank

Affordable, Quality Pumps

Secure your water supply with our high quality, affordable pumps


Less Pumping Effort

Strong, lightweight materials decrease the pumping effort


Use In Deep Wells

Pumps from up to 325-foot water level

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our quality

Custom Pump System

Simple Pump delivers custom well pump systems that meet your well specifications. Our pumps work alongside most electric submersible pumps and can pump water as deep as the 325-foot water level so we can support your shallow wells and your deep wells. Our affordable pump systems are of high quality and lightweight and require less pumping effort than competitor pumps at identical water levels.

Dealer Network

Simple Pump has partnered with the best well installation and support companies in the United States and around the world. If you need assistance installing one of our pumps or want an expert to install it for you, we will put you in contact with our qualified dealers.

Photo of the Simple Pump hand pump for water wells.

I’m a big fan of implementing the simplest solutions possible and the Simple Pump has been a key part of efficiently meeting our water requirements without adding unnecessary complexity or cost.

RG, Michigan

What a wonderful product you have! We did install the pump ourselves – two of us, with a little help from one or 2 children (mostly go-fers). It was a very positive and rewarding experience!
I wrote a blog about it for our website – including before and after pictures – which you are welcome to use.

Drs. Roy and Robin Kerlin

Morning Star Meadows Farm