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Don’t worry about power outages, storms, or submersible pump malfunctions with the Simple Pump. Our Made in the USA well pumps work through these problems and more.
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That’s why we developed the Simple Pump modular water pump system for wells and water tanks.

Install the hand pump to your well as a world-class backup well pump to your submersible, or change the hand pump to a motor-operated pump system for an automated water well pump system that can be converted back to a well hand pump in minutes.

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High Quality Components

Interchangeable Pump Heads

The Simple Pump water pump is the only pump system that is designed with a modular pump head system.

The Pump Head is the part of the pump system assembly that is visible above the ground.

Simple Pump has designed the pump head to utilize a hand-operated pump head or a motor-operated pump head. And these options can be converted in minutes!
Modular Pump Information

Pump Cylinder

Simple Pump’s pump cylinder contains the piston that lifts the water in the pump.

Simple Pump offers multiple cylinder options depending on your well’s static water level and on whether a motor will be used.

Use our suction pump cylinder for static water levels less than 25 feet or our deep well pump cylinders for static water levels up to 325 feet!
Cylinder Specifications

Flexible, Easy Installation

Installation of the Simple Pump is easy!

Our pumps are flexible for your needs. 

Utilize our shallow well suction pump in a wall mounted position inline to your electric pump and pressure tank as an easy backup option during power outages. 

Attach the pump directly to your well as your sole water pump or next to your submersible pump.

Attach the pump directly to a water tank and use it as a modular water pumping solution.
Installation Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 Reviews
Fred Musone
July 14, 2022

Perfect communication and everything they said would happen did at the time they committed.

Terry Stearsman
May 16, 2022

There was a mixup on the cap for my well and Mr Schmid was amazing with how he handled the problem these are wonderful people to work with and my pump works perfectly, super easy to install I recommend them to everyone

Mr Fred
April 12, 2022

I Bought our first Simple Pump in 2009. The wife finally convinced me (7 years later in 2016) it would be a good idea to install it and make sure it worked. I had a small issue at that time, can’t even remember what it was, and Steve took care of us right away. Fast forward to spring of 2022. I was testing the unit and the top clevis broke off the pump rod. With the pump now 13 years old I was pretty certain I would need to buy the parts to get the pump working again. I called tech support Monday evening and got voice mail. 20 minutes later received a call back from Steve. We discussed the issue and within minutes he knew what was needed and I received a zero dollar invoice with the tracking number for the parts I need to fix the unit. I can’t say enough good things about this company and their pumps. With water being as important as it is, I really appreciated the fast turnaround time. By the way, the tech Steve that helped me is the owner.

Dennis Sarvis, II
January 20, 2022

great product, great service, great support packaging was secure and damage free, I needed another part and service was prompt, and I had an extra part I needed to return (and the process was smooth and clear) The pump itself functions better than I'd hoped and installation was easy.

John Schwartz
November 5, 2021

Excellent pump, excellent process, so glad I went this route.

Darlene Remington
October 16, 2021

Great folks to work with. Shipped the exact date they said it would.