Simple Pump Installation Instructions

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Simple Pump Hand Pump

How to Uninstall the Hand Pump

Pump Maintenance

Solar Motors Systems

Solar-powered Motor: battery-linked configuration.

Datasheet: S-Energy panels for battery-linked system

Solar-powered Motor: panel direct configuration. (discontinued)

Datasheet: Stion PV panels for panel-direct system

Morningstar Prostar Solar Controller Manual (PS-30M & PS-15M)

Intermatic Timer Instructions

Diehl 884 Timer Instructions

Standalone Motors (solar or other 12v or 24v DC source)

Standalone motor 1: Scotch Yoke Drive

Standalone motor 2: Linear Bearing Link Drive

Recommended Motor Configuration

Well Watch 660 by Eno Scientific:


Pump Installation Lift

Pitless Adapter System

ADA100 Accessible Hand Pump