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Simple Pump

Water and Peace of Mind

When the Power Goes Out

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When you live rurally, you can be certain the power WILL go out. A Simple Pump is an affordable way to know you will always have access to your water. 


Simple Pump outperforms other serious hand pumps on every front, including cost.


Simple Pump requires dramatically less effort to operate than other pumps. Even pumping into your home’s pressure system.


Simple Pump fits in almost all wells, 2″ or larger.


Simple Pump works easily in wells with a water level down as far as 325 feet! 


If your well has a pitless adapter, you can likely install Simple Pump yourself. 


Add our solar motor to the hand pump… now or any time in the future. You can even switch between hand-operated and solar powered in minutes! No other hand pump or solar-powered pump offers conversion option.

“Three years ago, we experienced the worst ice storm in a generation (on the North Fork River, Lower Ozark). Most of the power was knocked out in a three state area for two weeks and more. As I sat in a rapidly cooling house with no power, heat or well water and no way to drive off of my property due to downed trees and power lines—the realization hit me; I was TOTALLY unprepared for an emergency. And due to my negligence I had put my family in danger!

“As I write this today, February 1, 2011 at 1:00 PM, we are in the midst of another horrible ice storm, but I am not the least bit concerned because I know if the power goes off—my water will not! I’m now prepared for any emergency with Simple Pump! I truly believe that if you depend on a well for your water and don’t have a Simple Pump—you are needlessly putting yourself and family at risk. Trust me—Simple Pump will help.”

The Most Cost Effective Hand Pump Out There

Simple Pump outperforms other hand pumps on every front. Compare the Simple Pump to Bison on every feature that matters. Simple Pump outperforms, yet it costs less. It even costs less than a generator, which is also noisy, smelly, can break down in a winter storm, and depends on fuel.

So Easy to Operate ‚ A Child Can Pump Water With The Simple Pump

Pumping water takes effort, but it shouldn’t be hard! Every member of your family can operate the Simple Pump, young and old. It’s so easy even a child can pump up to 5 gallons a minute with the Simple Pump.

Simple Pump requires dramatically less effort to operate than other hand pumps. As little as one fifth the effort. This is an enormous energy difference that you will definitely notice. This difference multiplies the further down your water is. And you can even easily pump water into your pressure tank.

Works in Almost Any Well — Shallow or Deep

Simple Pump will fit in any well 2″ or larger. It will also fit in the great majority of wells 4” and larger alongside another pump.
A traditional hand pump will only work if your water level is less than about 22 feet. And this leaves very little safety margin for seasonal changes in water level. Simple Pump gives you the security of water in a shallow or deep well.

Only a few hand pumps on the market will work in a deep well. Simple Pump works easily in wells with a water level down as far as 325 feet! it will even pump into your pressure tank for full use of all your home’s plumbing. Other pumps that claim to do this need several times the force applied to the pump handle.

Many People Can Install Their Own Simple Pump

If your well has a pitless adaptor, you can likely install the Simple Pump yourself using only simple tools. Unlike many other hand pumps, no winch or hoist or specialized tools are needed. And there’s no cutting or gluing of PVC required. We provide full, easy-to-follow instructions.

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Simple Pump has an expected 50-year plus lifespan.

Aircraft-grade, solid billets of stainless steel are computer machined for maximum precision, making them much stronger than cast metal or plastic found in other hand pumps. Wear is also greatly reduced by precisely-fit parts, and graphite-impregnated bronze bushings at the pivot points.

Easy routine maintenance consists simply of replacing the seals, usually once every 3 to 10+ years.

• All components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.
• Made with excellence in the USA.
• Written Warranty.

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“I installed the pump this Fall at 11,000 feet and it is now working during the coldest part of the year!” ~ Colorado

“It is SO much easier to pump than any other pump I’ve ever used that I thought, at first, it wasn’t working. Then the water started to come out!”

“My dog could have installed this pump if he had opposing thumbs! Totally awesome, and works perfectly. One person installation and your video did a shining job.”