Simple Pump Dealer Opportunity

Make Money Selling Simple Pumps

We are looking for the following types of interested companies to support selling and servicing Simple Pumps.

  1. Professional Well Companies including drillers, installers, and plumbers (more info)
  2. Preparedness Companies (more info)
  3. A small number of other types of companies have become dealers. If your company doesn’t fit into those two categories, please send us your information anyway and we’ll discuss possibilities.

The Simple Pump Dealer Opportunity

  1. Purchase Simple Pump systems at a discount for resale.
  2. There’s no minimum so you don’t have to keep stock, but we do offer a larger discount if you order a specific amount.
  3. No minimum sales quota to keep your dealer status. If you meet a specific sales amount you will earn a larger discount percentage.
  4. We never undercut our Dealers.
  5. We make ordering easy. Submit us a quote and we will configure the system and provide you a custom system quote.
  6. Then we dropship the order to you or your client depending on whatever is more convenient for you.
  7. We provide marketing materials such as brochures and flyers for printing, emailing, website text, photos, and a common questions document plus a marketing ideas document.


Join our success today!

We have demand and we are growing!

People want security and reliability for their water supply.

We understand, nobody likes it when they can’t get their water when they want it.

That’s why we created the Simple Pump. Its modular design makes the hand pump a great, reliable backup to a submersible pump. And the hand pump can be easily and quickly converted to a motor-operated pump to provide a powered pump system that can be hooked up to an off-grid solar power system.

And if there’s a storm or other event that disables the power to the motor, the Simple Pump system can be easily converted in minutes back to a hand pump so the owner has a reliable water pump system.

ABOUT THE Simple Pump

When comparing the Simple Pump to other pumps, the Simple Pump can do things no other hand pump can even do!

  • Such as pumping from 325 feet static level
  • And fitting in most wells alongside an already-installed submersible
  • And that it’s modular!

There is a great deal of information on this website about the Simple Pump’s special and literally unique features. We’re also happy to answer any questions.

Become a Dealer today!