Simple Pump for Your Home

Hand-Operated Well Pumps, Motorized Well Pumps, and Solar-Powered Motorized Well Pumps

We all know power outages are inconvenient. But they do more than shut off the TV and lights. If you’re on an electrical well system, a power outage cuts off your water supply too.

That’s when many turn to manual water pumps.

The Simple Pump is a hand water pump that works as a reliable backup right beside your existing submersible well pump. It fits in almost all well casings, alongside the submersible. So you can still drink clean water, take showers, and flush toilets — without electricity.

The Simple Pump hand-operated well water pump delivers up to 5 gallons per minute. With our check valve, you can pump right into your pressurized household plumbing system and have use of all your plumbing fixtures. Pumping your pressure tank up to about 45 psi is a breeze. (More information on how to pump into pressure, here.)

simple-pump-backyardIt works just as effectively in shallow and deep wells. Of course, the lower the water level in a well, the greater the force required to pump it. But we have made the Simple Pump MUCH easier to pump with than any seemingly comparable hand pump. Even from our maximum of 325′ static water level, the needed effort is still just moderate. No other hand pump can come close to this performance. (You can see a table of actual effort needed, here.)

For More Information on our Hand Pump, SEE HERE.


SimplePUMPS Motor with Solar
The super-efficient, 12 or 24v DC SimplePUMP motors can run off just one or two solar panels (depending on location). For ‘grid-down’ backup, off-grid homes and vacation properties: Read more.

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