Assisted Hand Pump

Simple Pump’s ADA100 Rotary Hand Pump

The Simple Pump ADA100 Assisted Rotary Hand Pump utilizes the Simple Pump piston rod pump system and incorporates a rotary hand crank that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide a hand-operated pump with no more than 5 lbs. of lever arm input force to pump water.

(Available directly from Simple Pump only)

High-Quality Components

Pump Head

The Pump Head is the assembly visible above the ground.

The yoke design converts rotational motion into vertical, linear movement.

This allows you to draw water from an 80-foot static water level with minimal effort. For added ease, a 10 lb. counterweight assists with the lift cycle.


Assisted pump

Drop Pipe Kit

Simple Pump utilizes drop pipe kits that attach to the pump head and can extend up to 325 feet below the well water level. The top Drop Pipe Kit has a 1/16″ diameter weep hole drilled 4 feet down from the top which allows the water in the pump head to drain out when the pump is not being used.

The weep hole also prevents the pump from freezing in cold weather by draining the water to below the freeze line. Similarly, in hot weather, the water does not stay in the pump head to be heated.

A series of drop pipe kits reach down below your water. The rest of the drop pipes are the same as the top drop pipe except there is no weep hole. The drop pipe kits make up most of the height of the pump system. All of the drop pipe kits carry water from the stainless steel pump cylinder at the bottom of the pump system to the stainless steel pump head at the top of the pump system.

End view of drop pipe showing lift rod and rod guide.

Pump Cylinder

Simple Pump’s pump cylinder contains the piston that lifts the water in the pump. Simple Pump offers different cylinder options depending on your well’s static water level and on whether a motor will be used.

Expanded image showing the pump cylinder's two ball valves and piston.

ADA100 Hand Pump Features



Model ADA100 Simple Pumps have been installed in National Parks and Forests throughout the USA. It is approved for installation due to its 50-year useful life.

Three pumps have experienced problems….one was beaten with a baseball bat by an angry camper, one was shot by a high-powered rifle and one was run over by a pick-up truck. The one run over by the pick-up truck was not operable. The other two continued to function despite the abuse!


 Convenient wheelchair access that enables easy access to drinking water. The drive shaft target installation elevation is 34″ above ground level.

We have also incorporated a larger handle grip with a grip diameter of 1.2 inches so the user can grasp it more securely.

Water begins to flow with less than a full rotation of the crank handle.

Simple Pump Assisted Hand Pump Advantages

  • Mounts on a drive shaft target installation of 34” above ground level for wheelchair access.
  • Meets all accessibility requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and the ABA (the Architectural Barriers Act).
  • Approved by the U.S. National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Utilizes our ox yoke design where a yoke converts the rational motion into vertical, linear movement.
  • The ADA100 Simple Pumps have been installed in U.S. National Parks and National Forests throughout the United States.
  • The ADA100 is currently installed in:
    • Hans Lake Campground
    • Ocala National Forest
    • Medicine Bow Route National Forest
    • Douglas Ranger District
    • Mount Washington
    • Cle Elum Ranger District
    • Custer National Forest
    • Gauley Ranger District
    • Wenatchee National Forest
    • Payette National Forest
    • Various BLM wilderness camping areas
  • Approved for installation with a 50-year useful life.
  • Incorporates a larger grip handle to provide easy cranking.
  • Designed to work reliably in any climate and are currently installed in the United States where temperatures have reached -30°
Schematic of ADA-compliant assisted Simple Pump.

The feeling of independence is incomparable. Come what may, my family and I will have fresh water. What an AWESOME feeling! Great product, lives up to the claims and worth every penny.

A Satisfied Customer

It’s a thoughtfully designed and very well-crafted product that I’m proud to own. The simple pump staff are the most attentive and helpful.

A Satisfied Customer