Hand Pumps

Reliable well pumps

Ready 24/7

Pump your water when you need it.

No Power, No Problem

The Simple Pump hand pump doesn’t need electricity to work.

Submersible Backup

Designed to fit next to your submersible pump so you have water when your submersible stops working.

Pumps into Pressure

One of the few hand pumps that can pump into a pressure tank.

Simple Pump’s Hand-Operated Pumps

Simple Pump’s Hand-Operated Water Pumps are built on the same Simple Pump piston rod pump system used in the motor pump models. The hand lever is added to the base water pump structure to provide a manual pumping system for your water well.

This design allows for unique interchangeability not offered in other water pump systems where the pump head can be quickly changed from a hand-operated pump to a motor-operated pump within a matter of minutes.

The Simple Pump piston rod pump was originally invented in 1999 with a focus on quality and performance. The Simple Pump parts are engineered and manufactured to provide reliability so that you have access to your water whenever you need it. The Simple Pump is machined from aerospace-grade, lead-free, stainless steel and this is why the Simple Pump’s design is smaller and lighter but stronger than competing hand-operated well pumps.

High-Quality Components

Pump Head

The Pump Head is the assembly visible above the ground. Here it is shown with the lever-arm handle, mounted on a well cap, on a few inches of well casing. Simple Pump has designed the pump head to be interchangeable with hand-operated options and motor operated options.


Photo of the Simple Pump hand pump for water wells.

Drop Pipe Kit

Simple Pump utilizes drop pipe kits that attach to the pump head and can extend up to 325 feet below the well water level. The top Drop Pipe Kit has a 1/16″ diameter weep hole drilled 4 feet down from the top which allows the water in the pump head to drain out when the pump is not being used.

The weep hole also prevents the pump from freezing in cold weather by draining the water to below the freeze line. Similarly, in hot weather, the water does not stay in the pump head to be heated.

A series of drop pipe kits reach down below your water. The rest of the drop pipes are the same as the top drop pipe except there is no weep hole. The drop pipe kits make up most of the height of the pump system. All of the drop pipe kits carry water from the stainless steel pump cylinder at the bottom of the pump system to the stainless steel pump head at the top of the pump system.

End view of drop pipe showing lift rod and rod guide.

Pump Cylinder

Simple Pump’s pump cylinder contains the piston that lifts the water in the pump. Simple Pump offers different cylinder options depending on your well’s static water level and on whether a motor will be used.

Expanded image showing the pump cylinder's two ball valves and piston.

Hand Pump Features

Customer demonstrating pump working in freezing conditions.


The Simple Pump fits in almost all deep wells either alone in a 2-inch or 3-inch well or next to the electric submersible pump in 4-inch and larger wells.

The Simple Pump is one of the only hand pumps that can pump into your pressure tank! This gives you full use of your well water inside and outside your home.

Machining and threading the bottom end of the riser tube.


The Simple Pump is made by computer-controlled machining from aerospace-grade, lead-free stainless steel. We start with solid billets of metal are computer machined for maximum precision creating an end product that is much stronger than castings.

This ensures the parts fit together precisely to reduce any wear from usage.


The Simple Pump is uniquely configurable from multiple handle sizes to the ability to convert the hand pump to a motor-operated pump with a quick and easy conversion with a Simple Pump motor.

You don’t even have to buy a whole new pump. The motors can be powered with different solar panel options as well.


Easier to Pump

The Simple Pump’s strength and weight have a direct impact on pumping pressure. The lighter, stronger Simple Pump requires less pumping effort compared to other well pumps.

It’s so easy to pump with that a child can use it on many wells.


Deep Well Compatible

The Simple Pump is capable of pumping water from a deep well as far down as 325 feet water level.

This is almost a 10% improvement in well depth compared to other hand pumps.

Simple Pump Hand Pump Advantages

  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Compliant
  • Fits in almost all deep wells starting at 2-inches are larger
  • Can pump into your pressure tank giving you full use of all your home’s plumbing fixtures
  • Freezeproof and operates reliably 24/7 in high wind and hard freeze temperatures
  • Can be easily converted from a hand pump to a motor-operated pump or vice versa without the need to convert the entire pump system
  • Can be installed in a wide well or cistern with the use of our mounting plate adaptor
  • Standard connection to a 3/4″ hose or 3/4″ FNPT pipe
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship
Simple Pump installed on a well.

The feeling of independence is incomparable. Come what may, my family and I will have fresh water. What an AWESOME feeling! Great product, lives up to the claims and worth every penny.

A Satisfied Customer

I’m a big fan of implementing the simplest solutions possible and the Simple Pump has been a key part of efficiently meeting our water requirements without adding unnecessary complexity.

A Satisfied Customer