Solar Power

Simple Pump’s Solar-Powered Pumps

The Simple Pump Solar Powered Motor Operated Water Pump System builds on the motor-operated features of the Simple Pump and provides off-grid power with a battery backup.

These systems offer a dependable water supply to your house and are designed with stringent requirements to provide a reliable, off-grid water pump system.

Solar Power System Features

  • Includes a gasketed, lockable, stainless steel enclosure with a 1/4HP 24VDC gear motor, four MC4 bulkhead connectors, and a weather-resistant rocker switch
  • Uses a Morningstar charge controller
  • Uses two 260-watt solar panels
  • Uses an Intermatic FM1QTUZH-24 timer and a Cole-Hersey relay
  • Ships with two (2) 15′ solar cables, two (2) 20′ solar cables, two (2) MC4 connectors with battery studs, and a pole mount for the solar panels
  • Provides a reliable energy source for your Simple Pump water pump motors
  • Provides an off-grid water supply system that adds additional dependability with a battery backup
Customer's solar-powered Simple Pump on farm.


Solar Power System with Panels

Pricing for the above solar power pump system starts at $3,200.
(The solar power system price is additional to the base hand pump price.)


  • Sacrete, if using a pole mount
  • (2) group 27 deep cycle lead acid or AGM batteries
  • Box for batteries
  • Float (or other) Switch, if applicable
Solar Power System without Panels

If you want to supply solar panels and mounting hardware, the cost for the motor and electronics starts at $2000.
(The price for the motor and electronics to connect to a solar panel is additional to the base hand pump.)

The fact that even someone with no pump knowledge like myself could put this together and draw water from over 200 feet is a tribute to your equipment’s excellent design and remarkable customer support.

A Satisfied Customer

Successfully installed my pump today. I was very impressed with the quality craftsmanship and perfect instructions. It is clear your team pays careful attention to detail.

A Satisfied Customer