Power Outages

Simple Pump’s hand pump is the perfect backup pump for power outages

We know how helpless it feels when the power goes out and nothing around your house works.

That’s why we created the Simple Pump hand-operated water pump. We wanted a pump that would work with or without power. And we wanted a pump that was able to pump into our pressure tank so that we could use the modern water fixtures in our home.

If you live rurally, it’s not really a matter of IF the power goes out… it’s how often and for how long.

Kitchen, vegetables and running water.

Be prepared before the storm, not after when essential items don’t work

Choose Simple Pump

  • Because it doesn’t need the power to work
  • Because it installs in almost all wells
  • Because it can pump into your pressure tank
  • Because it can pump from a water level as far down as 325 feet
  • Because it takes less effort to pump than other pumps

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Simple Pump Hand Pump - Insurance for your water

Ice storms, snowstorms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and forest fires, routinely leave rural areas without power for days, weeks, and sometimes even months at a time.

Not to mention the aging of the power grid, which is prone to random breakdown.

If you have your own well, an ultra-reliable hand pump that doesn’t rely on the grid is the best piece of mind you can buy — No Matter What.

And if you go for MOTORIZED Simple Pump, you still have the best backup of all.  Our motors can be converted back into a hand pump in about 15 minutes. No other motorized pump on the planet offers this capability.

Generators are Vulnerable, Expensive, and Noisy

Some suggest a generator. But in a grid-down situation, the best backup is one that DOES NOT RELY ON another complex infrastructure for fuel and parts. Unlike a generator, a Simple Pump gives you access to your water even in the worst-case scenarios.

And a generator powerful enough to run your submersible will cost as much or more than a Simple Pump.

You can do get by without your lights or dishwasher.  But you MUST have water.

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