Prepare Your Water Well

Prepare for the storm. Prepare for power outages. Prepare your water well.

Our pumps are built with high-quality, long-lasting materials that can stand up to the elements.

Don't Take Chances with Your Water Supply!

The Simple Pump is designed to be simple and reliable. It is hand-operated and self-priming, so you can use it even during a power outage.

You can never be sure if you can pump water from your well during an emergency if you rely on an electric pump. If something happens, you need to know that you can get access to your water with the Simple Pump.
Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump 2


The Simple Pump has been in business for over 20 years and is helping thousands of people around the world get water from their well.

The Simple Pump is a hand-crank water pump that provides a secure water supply when the power goes out.
Stainless Steel Hand Pumps


The Simple Pump is manufactured in the USA and made with precision CNC manufacturing to produce a high quality pump system.
Precise Manufacturing



Hand Powered

Never worry about power outages and storms ruining your well water supply again. Pump water whenever you want, whenever you need it.

Battery Backup

The Simple Pump motor pumps run on DC power and can even work with a car battery until you restore your power to your pump system.

Sun Power

Simple Pump offers solar-powered well pump systems that provide you a motorized water pump utilizing the power of the sun! 

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You'll rest easy knowing that Simple Pump is there to help protect your family in the event of a power outage or storm.
“Three years ago, we experienced the worst ice storm in a generation (on the North Fork River, Lower Ozark). Most of the power was knocked out in a three-state area for two weeks and more. As I sat in a rapidly cooling house with no power, heat, or well water and no way to drive off of my property due to downed trees and power lines—the realization hit me; I was TOTALLY unprepared for an emergency. And due to my negligence, I had put my family in danger!

Now I'm Prepared

Simple Pump Customer
“As I write this today, February 1, at 1:00 PM, we are in the midst of another horrible ice storm, but I am not the least bit concerned because I know if the power goes off—my water will not! I’m now prepared for any emergency with Simple Pump! I truly believe that if you depend on a well for your water and don’t have a Simple Pump—you are needlessly putting yourself and your family at risk. Trust me—Simple Pump will help.”