Simple Pump Accessory Kits

Simple Pump Check Valve Gauge Assembly

Check Valve/Gauge Assembly

Get normal water flow into your house even without electricity! This assembly lets you watch the pressure as you fill up your pressure tank. Just screw the assembly into your Simple Pump outlet. Then attach a hose (drinking water compatible) or pipe to your home’s pressure tank to give full use of all taps and plumbing fixture. With the bleeder valve, you can let air into the system, behind the valve, allowing water to drain out of the pump head in freezing weather.

The Simple Pump Check Valve with Gauge lets you monitor pressure and prevents backflow.

Simple Pump Pitless Adaptor Kit

Pitless Adaptor Kit

(for ultimate freeze protection)
The Simple Pump Pitless Adaptor Kit allows you to use the Simple Pump with its own pitless exit to an underground pipe.

Even in extreme freezing conditions, you will always have water with this Pitless Adapter Kit. All water pumped with the Simple Pump is directed through the pitless adapter and through the well casing below ground. The water is then piped into your house. This high-quality adapter is made from bronze for decades of use.

Simple Pump Seal Kit

Pump Seal Kit

Seals prevent leakage and reduce wear on moving parts. To reduce maintenance costs, get a kit for your spare pump or as a backup.

An extra seal kit is usually part of any quote. If ordering separately, please specify whether you have the model 100 cylinder or the model 125.

The Simple Pump Seal Kit pictures is for the Model 125 pump.

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