Simple Pump Client Story

Client Story: I Love My Simple Pump

March 27, 2021

I love my Simple Pump, and I will love it even more the next time my power goes out.

Having had city water in my previous homes, I was unprepared for the loss of well water during a major storm. I can comfortably survive without light, heat, and entertainment, but doing without water is a nightmare. It’s not the water we consume for drinking and cooking that concerns me; it’s the water we use for hygiene–handwashing, showering, toilet flushing. Until I had to use bottled water to do these things, I didn’t realize just how much they actually require, and I never appreciated the value of having my own water supply.

After only three days without the use of my electric pump, I knew there had to be a way to get a continuous supply of water, and I was determined to find it.

Remembering my childhood visits to an aunt who lived in a log cabin without running water–believe it or not, on a small mountain in Central Connecticut–I was prepared to have another well dug to install a manual pump. That’s when I found the Simple Pump web site and learned I could have a manual pump installed right alongside my electric submersible pump and didnʼt need to dig another well.

I called Simple Pump, had my questions answered and then contacted my local pump contractor. The rest is history. My Simple Pump works!

Connecticut, USA