Protect Your Water Supply from a Power Grid Hack With a Hand Pump

December 17, 2018

Is the grid really in danger from hackers?

Well, we are sorry to say, the danger to the grid is far too real.  And it’s not only the grid, but also other vital infrastructure providers such as nuclear power plants, defense agencies and companies, and banks.

The current threat is called “Sharpshooter”.  McAfee posted their findings on the possibility of the power grid being hacked.

You can also read about this on CNBC, ABC, ZDNet and others. Fox has many reports about various hacks over the years, although not this particular one.

So far, no actual damage has been done. As with many previous hacks on the US grid, it appears this operation is reconnaissance and spying… exploring possible access routes, planting malware, and, it is feared, getting ready for possible future operations.

The hacking route in this case is through Word documents that appear to be job recruitments proposals, that people open. 

Tips to protect yourself from a grid hack

Be cyber smart

*** Whether at work or at home, don’t ever open an attachment if you are not expecting it.

Check with the sender. And don’t open documents from unknown sources at all. Lastly, don’t think you are immune… no-one is too small to be attacked.

Be prepared with a Hand Pump for Your Well

Attacks that can harm the grid are a very real possibility.

What could you do if a hacking attack brought the grid down?

One thing you can do if you have a water well is to have a backup pump or an off-grid solar-powered motorized water pump. 

Check out Simple Pumps hand pumps and solar-powered pump systems to give you an easy way to protect your water supply when the grid has problems.

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