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Simple Pump’s Water Pump System


The Simple Pump piston rod pump was originally invented in 1999 with a focus on quality and performance. The Simple Pump parts are engineered and manufactured to provide reliability so that you have access to your water whenever you need it. The Simple Pump is machined from aerospace-grade, lead-free, stainless steel and this is why the Simple Pump’s design is smaller and lighter but stronger than competing hand-operated well pumps.

High-Quality Components

Interchangeable Pump Heads

The Pump Head is the part of the pump system assembly that is visible above the ground.

Simple Pump has designed the pump head to be interchangeable with hand-operated levers and motor-operated pump heads.

Drop Pipe Kit Assembly


Simple Pump utilizes drop pipe kits that attach to the pump head and can extend up to 325 feet below the well water level.

Simple Pump utilizes a weep hole feature to automatically drop the water level in the drop pipe below the freeze line to keep the pump from freezing.

Pump Cylinder


Simple Pump’s pump cylinder contains the piston that lifts the water in the pump.

Simple Pump offers different cylinder options depending on your well’s static water level and on whether a motor will be used.

Photo of the Simple Pump hand pump for water wells.

Hand Pumps

Simple Pump standalone indoor motor - for pump house or other shelter.

Motor Pumps

The feeling of independence is incomparable. Come what may, my family and I will have fresh water. What an AWESOME feeling! Great product, lives up to the claims and worth every penny.

A Satisfied Customer

I’m a big fan of implementing the simplest solutions possible and the Simple Pump has been a key part of efficiently meeting our water requirements without adding unnecessary complexity or cost.

RG, Michigan