Well Adaptor

Install the Simple Pump on a Wide Well or Cistern

The usual installation of a Simple Pump is on top of the casing of a drilled well. But it can easily be installed in a wide or dug well — e.g. a 3-foot wide well with a concrete liner and a concrete lid… or on the top of a cistern.

Usually, a hole would be drilled in the lid, and our mounting plate or adaptor secured with suitable bolts. (See photo.)

The mounting plate is used when the Simple Pump installation does not have to accommodate a submersible’s discharge pipe and wiring.

The well cap on the adaptor has a port for a submersible’s pipe and its wiring. Then, our well cap is attached and the pump installed, as it would be on any well casing.

The height of the Simple Pump can be adjusted up or down to position for comfortable pumping.

Simple Pump mounted on concrete cover of wide well with the 'mounting plate'.

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