Simple Pump LBLD Motor

Linear Bearing Link Drive Motor LBLD24-Assy

MSRP $1100
24v DC, 60 rpm, 1/4hp Motor with Linear Bearing Link drive. Includes 13” SS pump rod extension and first motor brush replacements.
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Simple Pump Motor Advantages

  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Compliant which ensures public health protection through compliance with U.S. federal drinking water standards.
  • Works with a DC power source or our solar power systems in a 24v DC motor configuration.
  • Can be powered with solar panels, a vehicle battery, a generator-fed battery, a solar generator, or an AC-DC converter.
  • Capable of pumping water to a max lift* of 225 feet. * (water level + vertical rise + 100' equivalent for pressure)
  • Can pump into your pressure tank giving you full use of all your home’s plumbing fixtures
  • Freezeproof and operates reliably 24/7 in high wind and hard freeze temperatures
  • Can be easily converted from a hand pump to a motor-operated pump or vice versa without the need to convert the entire pump system
  • Can be installed in a wide well or cistern with the use of our mounting plate adaptor
  • Standard connection to a 3/4″ hose or 3/4″ FNPT pipe
  • Works with a DC power source or our solar power systems
  • 24v DC motor option
  • Can be configured in a weather-resistant, stainless steel enclosure that provides protection from the weather and the outdoors
  • Can be configured as a standalone indoor unit where you provide protection from the weather and the outdoors. This can be a pump house or a similar enclosure that provides protection to the motor unit.

Power Requirements

The power requirements for the Linear Bearing Link Drive motor at 100-foot static water level, pumping into an ambient tank are:


  • 8 amps peak
  • 15 amp fuse
  • 5-6 amps average draw

Perfect for Indoor Use



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