Simple Pump Solar Kit

Solar Power Well Pump Kits

MSRP $4200
SKU Battery Backup
Easily add a solar power solution to your Simple Pump motor to have an off-grid motorized water pumping solution.
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The Simple Pump Solar Power well pump kit includes the combination of the LBLD24-4S-2-Assy (Battery Backup - Drive Only) and PS2-Double Module Package (Battery Backup - Panels).

  • a gasketed, lockable, stainless steel enclosure a 1/4HP 24VDC gear motor
  • four MC4 bulkhead connectors
  • a weather-resistant rocker switch
  • a Morningstar charge controller
  • two 310-watt solar panels or equivalent
  • an Intermatic FM1QTUZH-24 timer and a Cole-Hersey relay
  • two (2) 20' Solar Cables and two (2) 15' Battery Cables and all components necessary to pole mount the panels.


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5 out of 5
Perfect fit off-grid
Reviewed on January 6, 2016 
in Minnesota

I installed your pump myself. So now I understand why you call it the Simple Pump. Recently added the 12 volt motor and have put a few hours on it to fill a couple of large tanks we use on our 10-acre property. We don't live there. It's a recreation property and we're off the grid. Your simple pump is a perfect fit for us. Thanks again.

5 out of 5
Works great
Reviewed on January 5, 2014 
in Missouri

I installed the system myself, it works great. Am getting about 3 gpm and am pumping into a 500 gal tank as needed. I also installed the pitless adapter and dc motor which runs off solar and wind-charged battery bank. The motor is very efficient as there is very little voltage drop compared with other blowers and various motors I use out there as well. Also; I had no helpers and knew nothing of wells. My biggest fear was dropping everything down the well during installation, but the holder tool worked perfect. The simple pump system worked perfect for our off grid needs.

The cool thing is that if my batteries run out, or something happens to my panels, I will always have water as I can always spare a second to put the pump handle back on and give the kids something to do.

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