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Client Story: Firefighter DIY Installing the Simple Pump

Client Story: Firefighter DIY Installing the Simple Pump
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

Equipment: Simple Pump Model 125 and 105ME Motor with Sunshine Works 12VDC Solar Power System in Direct Power Configuration (pumping from 110-foot depth).

Experience Level: Experience replacing submersible pumps and mechanical experience typical of that gained from a rural lifestyle.

Installing the Simple Pump

I’m back from the fire season in New Mexico and my friends and I finally got around to installing the Simple Pump system we bought last spring.

We wanted a pump that would allow us to pump water from an existing drilled well, but which also allowed us to recover it and move it to alternate water sources ranging from hand-dug wells to rivers/streams or lakes. We also wanted a solar-powered pump that could be operated by hand if necessary.

We settled on the Simple Pump because, simply by adding or removing drop pipe and rod sections, we could use it at many different water depths and as long as we had a stable place to mount the well cover (i.e., an existing well pipe or an anchorable frame that would accept the well cover) we could use it just about anywhere, such as from a pier extending into a lake or pond. The solar power supply offered by Sunshine Works gave us the ability to use Simple Pump’s Model 105ME motor package to automate the pumping.

We first installed the Simple Pump in hand operated mode with no difficulty. It took a little longer than an hour, but part of the time was just making sure we were following the instructions exactly. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and we had no difficulty getting the pump installed and operating.

Next we removed the hand-lever and installed the 105ME motor assembly and tested it using jumper cables from a battery in a pickup. Again, the installation instructions were clear and well illustrated. The installation went quickly and without problems and the pump and motor worked flawlessly.

We’ll let the pump run as is for the rest of the day for good break-in and move it to the next hole tomorrow and see what we get.

Near Ida, LA (Northwestern Caddo Parish)

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