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Client Story: We Had Thought Such A Pump Was Not Available

Client Story: We Had Thought Such A Pump Was Not Available
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023


With no previous deep well pump installation experience our crew of 4 watched your installation video the evening before and armed with that, we went to the well site the next day.

This is a drilled 110+ foot casing,  capped and at the bottom of a slope. Opening the package and seeing the parts made the video easier to understand. With basic tools we started with the pump head on a flat deck and carried that and the rest of the gear down to the well site for installing. Except for the fear of losing the pump down the well it went together easily. Your tool for preventing that event worked but still hanging on to the pump added security.  No major problems, the pump handle was bolted on and in 12 or so pumps we had water.A flat surface facilitated the pump head assembly

installing the Simple Pump

Lowering the sections

adding the drop pipes to the well

Adding sections

Denman Island Simple Pump Installation

Wow, water!

Pumping the Simple Pump hand operated well pump

The expression says it all.  This is, for now a summer place,  the pump works easily and keeps its prime.  Your site provided us with the ideal manual system (no electricity). We had thought such a pump was not available.

“Simple Pump” says it all. Thanks for offering this solution.

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