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Client Story: Why Our Customer Bought a Simple Pump rather than a Bison Pump

Client Story: Why Our Customer Bought a Simple Pump rather than a Bison Pump
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

Bison Pumps asked our customer why he had gone with another company, rather than buy Bison. This is what he sent them.


I’m not sure you really want to know…but I am of man of honor and respect…and the truth be known there were several reasons…

1. The system cost 1/3 less and the pump submersion was 100 feet deeper @ 181 feet vs 96 feet with Bison.

2. Adaptability to have an electric motor added option, without sending down another set of pipes and pump down the well… it hooks up directly to the Simple Pump mechanism.

3. Comes with a check valve with pressure gauge on spigot (which you can hook a hose directly to it) to fill your in house pressure tanks if needed… also inclusive.

4. Quotes were given by Simple Pump included shipping costs.

5. I got to speak to a person during the order process and was able to ask questions about their systems and was more informed on how they actually work.

6. The big thing is that they called me to see if I had received my quote and if I had any questions.

7. My time is valuable just like the companies I do business with…they were prompt courteous and well informed…unlike what I received when I called Bison.

So the bottom line was that the Simple Pump Company was knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, and willing to give whatever information needed to make a well informed decision that I can count on.

They were at least 1/3rd less the price of Bison with an extra 100 foot of drop pipe sections…and offered more in the way of options and functionality to their product…at 181 feet vs 96 feet with Bison.

Simple Pump Offered more yet charged 1/3rd less than Bison all the way around…plus they received much better online reviews and satisfied customers… it was “Simple”. I’m sorry to have to tell you these things but you asked…and I do thank you for your time…even though we never spoke.”



And he wrote, “Simple Pump — I just wanted to let you know that you and your staff were very helpful and is well appreciated for your courtesy, respect, and knowledge…most of all for having a great product at a reasonable price…looking forward to receiving it…again thank you and have a wonderfully blessed day.”

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