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Client Story: Wonderful Pump and Customer Service

Client Story: Wonderful Pump and Customer Service
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
22 January 2021

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with our Simple Pump. All of the parts are top quality and extremely well made. Everything connected together perfectly. The instructions that came with the pump are excellent — clearly written with pictures that show exactly how everything is supposed to go together.

When I needed an additional adapter, I called and you sent one free of charge that arrived 2 days after I called. You had to make the drop pipes and rods shorter so that I would not have to cut a hole in the top of my pump house, and by inserting the rod in the drop pipe and having my husband lift up on the drop pipe while I connected the rods together, it worked great! You have wonderful customer service.

Pumping the water is very easy and I am impressed with the amount of water that I was able to pump in a very short time. Wonderful pump and customer service! Wish more businesses were run like your company. (I did leave a review on the BBB site to this effect because I believe good products need to be recognized.)


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