Simple Pump Solar is Ideal for Open Range Watering Stations

The Simple Pump with solar power


A typical submersible pumps a large volume of water really quickly.
This requires many solar panels and batteries.

The SimplePUMP is designed to pump over time — requiring far fewer panels and batteries.


Our pumps are very cost-effective, in part because our precision manufacturing makes them extraordinarily reliable.

That reliability makes remote and often unattended pumping applications possible.


Precision manufacturing, and the materials used, also make our pumps narrow yet strong.
The narrow profile cuts the required casing diameter to only two inches.

Drilling costs can be cut by as much as two-thirds.


Hauling the pump to the wellbore is easy. All the parts required to pump from 200 feet weigh only about 130 lbs.

This is MUCH less than seemingly comparable pumps.

The pump is also very easy to install. In the words of one of our customers who installed our pump in a remote location:

“Having never installed a water pump, I was looking for something that was not going to take a rocket scientist to be able to understand the directions. We were able to finish in less than an hour without any problems.”

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