Reliability is Everything

April 25, 2017

Being able to depend on your supply of water makes all the difference.

Spanning parts of Namibia and South Africa, the Succulent Karoo is a desert. And yet, it is home to over 5,000 species of plants, nearly half of which are found only there! This is a diversity unequaled by any other desert in the world.

Even though the area is literally desert, regular winter rains provide enough moisture to support the region’s diverse plant community. The critical factor is that, unlike any in other desert areas, rainfall, while low, is regular and reliable.

Demonstrating the Karoo Effect in an African Village

A study by a Stanford University multidisciplinary team showed that mechanized water delivery transformed villages with malnourished children into net exporters of food. The only differences between villages with improvements and control villages with no improvements were reliable water delivery, and low-cost drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation does not require great quantities of water but depends on reliable water delivery. In practice, most hand water-well pumps in Africa are made to a single old standard and are uniformly unreliable. A 2007 survey across 21 nations showed the likelihood of a pump being broken down and standing unused was 36%!

Just as reliably-supplied water makes the Succulent Karoo lush beyond any other desert, merely adding reliable water access and cheap drip irrigation can do the same thing for rural African villagers.

So what does Africa have to do with you?

RELIABLE water supply is the central and critical factor. Yes, the Simple Pump offers you excellent value, deeper reach than other hand pumps, and many other unique or special features. But central to it all, what you want — be it for a 3-day power outage due to a snowstorm, or for something much longer and much worse — is UNMATCHED RELIABILITY.

Proven principles, brought into a space-age pump – made with computer-driven precision from top-grade materials…… Reliability IS Everything.

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