12 Best Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Well Hand Pump

Hand Pump Evaluation Tips

Whether you are looking for a hand pump to be the main pump to supply water into your pressure tank or a hand pump as an emergency backup water pump, there are several things to consider when evaluating hand pumps.

First – Consider your well specifications and pump capabilities

There are a lot of different hand pumps with different capabilities. Some basic pumps can only pump into a bucket from a very shallow well. Others can pump from a deep well. A small number can pump into the pressurized water system of your home.

Before you can evaluate different pumps, you need to know or decide on 3 important questions:

    Whatever your well’s depth is, your water level could be anywhere between there and ground level. The water level is the single most critical factor. If your water level is below about 20 feet, you will need a deep well pump.
    Do you want to pump water into the pressure tank of your home’s plumbing system? Or will you be satisfied just pumping directly into a bucket, or through a hose to your garden?
    Will an inexpensive (and cheaply made) pump suffice? Or do you want a long-term back up pump that you can rely on to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance?

Now that you’ve considered what you want from a hand pump, consider the different pumps available and ask these specific questions of each. Below is a handy list of questions to help you decide which is best for you.

Best Questions to Ask When Evaluating Hand Pumps

Choosing a hand pump involves balancing cost with the capability and the quality of the hand pump.

Hand Pump Costs

  1. What is the TOTAL COST (with shipping) of a ready-to-pump system?
  2. Is there a DISCOUNT for multiple purchases — for family and friends?
  3. Can you earn a COMMISSION for more family, friends, or neighbor sales, after buying your own pump?

Hand Pump Functionality

  1. How much PUMPING EFFORT is needed from your water level? (This is a critical and often overlooked factor.)
  2. How many GALLONS PER MINUTE can the pump give you?
  3. Is the pump FREEZE-PROOF?
  4. Can it pump into your home’s PRESSURE TANK and give full use of all your taps and fixtures?
  5. And if this applies to you — Can it pump UPHILL?

How Easy is the Hand Pump Installation?

  1. DIY: Can you do the installation, or do you need to pay a professional?
  2. Can the hand pump go down beside your SUBMERSIBLE?

What is the Quality of the Hand Pump and the Manufacturer?

  1. Is there a WRITTEN WARRANTY?
  2. Is the pump made in the USA?

Hopefully, this shortlist of items to consider when purchasing a hand pump will help you find the best hand pump for your needs. If you want additional information on water hand pumps, check out the Simple Pump hand pump and see why it’s one of the best hand pumps for most people.

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