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Converting a Modular Hand Well Pump to a Motorized Well Pump

By Simple Pump on July 11, 2022
A hand well pump has probably given you a ton of value over the years. But, as you probably know by now, things change, and what was once a great idea may no longer be the best option for your needs. Replacing your hand pump with a fully motorized pump can be very expensive and […]

10 Reasons To Install a Modular Well Pump

By Simple Pump on May 27, 2022
You need water to live; this is just a fact of life. No matter where you reside, whether it be in the city, suburbs, or rural areas, having a reliable water source is vital to sustaining life.  While many of us take clean water for granted, the fact is that having a dependable water source […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Four Types of Water Pumps

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
COMMON WATER PUMPS USED IN WATER WELLS There are many different types of water pumps that are used in water wells around the world. This post describes the 4 most common types of water well pumps (submersible, lift, jet, and suction) and provides advantages and disadvantages of each. SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS Submersible pumps are installed in […]

Simple Pump with Solar Power is Ideal for Open Range Watering

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
THE SIMPLE PUMP WITH SOLAR POWER PERFORMANCE A typical submersible pumps a large volume of water really quickly.This requires many solar panels and batteries. The Simple Pump is designed to pump over time — requiring far fewer panels and batteries. RELIABILITY Our pumps are very cost-effective, in part because our precision manufacturing makes them extraordinarily reliable. That reliability […]

Simple Pump Manufacturing License

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
A CLEAN, RELIABLE WATER SUPPLY — OR LOCAL MANUFACTURING SIMPLE PUMP LICENSING For many NGOs, the creation of local jobs is a prerequisite for doing business. Therefore, when discussing the possible use of the Simple Pump in the developing world, we are frequently asked if we license manufacturing in developing countries. To date, we do […]

Reliable, Clean Water in Developing Nations

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
MANY PEOPLE LACK ACCESS TO SAFE DRINKING WATER According to a 2010 report coauthored by WHO and UNICEF, 900 million people do not have access to safe supply of drinking water. From recent World Health Organization (WHO) reports, the impact of diarrhoeal disease on children is greater than the combined impact of HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, and […]

Reliable Water Pumps Help Out Villages

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
BEING ABLE TO DEPEND ON YOUR WATER PUMP MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Spanning parts of Namibia and South Africa, the Succulent Karoo is a desert. And yet, it is home to over 5,000 species of plants, nearly half of which are found only there! This is a diversity unequaled by any other desert in the […]

Protect Your Well Water Pump From Freezing

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
Winterizing a Well system If you have a well system in your home you are going to need to take some steps to prepare it for the winter. Even if you have a good pump you are going to want to make sure your well is ready. There are some tips for winterizing your system. […]

Off-Grid Life With a Well Pump

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
Simple Pump Provides Off-Grid Living With Reliable Well Pumps “The feeling of independence is incomparable. Come what may, my family and I will have fresh water. What an AWESOME feeling! Great product, lives up to the claims and worth every penny.” WHETHER YOU ARE COMPLETELY OFF-GRID NOW OR ARE BUILDING SELF-RELIANCE For the Off-Grid life, […]

Simple Pump's Advantages in Developing Nations

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
RURAL COMMUNITY WATER SUPPLY A Simple Pump can give rural communities a low-cost, self-sustaining water supply. SIMPLE PUMP'S ADVANTAGES Drilling costs can be cut by about two-thirds. Compared to drilling with the 6-inch bit required to install the usual 4″ casing. Therefore, three times as many wells can be dug, for a given amount of money. More […]

CNC Machined Simple Pump

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
WHY SIMPLE PUMP CARES ABOUT CNC MACHINING IN YOUR HAND PUMP? WHAT IS CNC MACHINING? A machine tool shapes or cuts metal, plastic, or other materials in a number of ways, including cutting, boring and grinding. Machine tools have been around for centuries. In the 1980s, computer numerical control (CNC) machines combined computers with some other […]