Client Story: Rural Northern Illinois

I installed our pump with the help of one other person to manage the safety tool. I think one person could do the install if they can hold the weight of the string of pipe.

I installed a model 125 Simple Pump. My wife and I live in rural northern Illinois where winter and summer storms can take down power lines very easily. Rather than worry about how we were going to provide water for our family we decided on Simple Pump for its straight forward design and solid construction. We installed our Simple Pump in about 2 hours, including replacing the 6” well cap with the new cap from Simple Pump designed to accommodate the submersible pump wiring.

Putting the new string of pipe down and installing the pump head took about 45 minutes. The Simple Pump design and components in conjunction with their installation video make this job a do-it-yourself project that I would recommend to anyone that want peace of mind. If you do not have the knowledge to safely and correctly do any electrical connections seek the help of a qualified electrician or well and pump contractor.

DH, Illinois USA