Secure in Tennessee

First of all, I chose to use the company that drilled my well to also install the Simple Pump once it was shipped to my house. Clearwater Drilling of Sevierville, TN, also helped me fill out the form on your website with the drilling depth and flowrate, etc.   I just felt better about them doing it so I didn’t order the wrong materials since I am not an expert on wells or pumps.

As a matter of fact, Clearwater is the one that informed me of your company and your pump.   That have installed several in past years and they said, for the money and the dependability of the pump, it would be my best option.

My purpose was to have a back-up source of water to the existing public utility we have.   Therefore I wanted something manual, and really didn’t want to spend a tremendous amount of money for it.  I may never use this well water, but if I need it, I have it available. I also like the feature that I can hook up an electric pump to this as well. I may do that a few years down the road and use the well for irrigation purposes of my yard, flower bed and gardens. At this point, I don’t have irrigation lines in place, but having the well drilled with a hand pump ready for an electric pump leaves me with lots of options in the future.

So, I will tell you that I was very pleased with Clearwater in getting my well drilled and also helping me install your Simple Pump when it arrived. I think the guy only took about 45 minutes to install it. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he was able to install it. If I had the guts to do it myself, I may have even been able to do it in less than two hours, and that is saying something considering my lack of patience and technical skills!  I will pump water about once per month just to make sure all is OK with the pump and well and like clockwork, I crank the pump 6 times and on the seventh crank I have clean well water coming out.

I am pleased with the drilling company and with your pump.   It was a perfect fit for my personal need and situation. I was also extremely impressed that when I called, I talked directly with the man that designed and built the pump. Perhaps a small operation, but I was impressed with the obvious knowledge and expertise that you had about this pump. Of course, since you designed it, who better would know than you – right?

Thanks again for a great product and the follow up! Best wishes.