Four Client Stories: Self-Installed

76 Years Old

Just a quick note to tell you about our pump experience. First of all, it does everything you said and it very easy to install, even though I am 76. Of course, I had help, my son-in-law, who is very knowledgeable and did most of the work.

He drilled a hole in the well cap and put in a nipple and ball valve, so I could put in chlorine pellets for disinfection. I added a longer nipple to the pump and screwed on a short piece of food grade hose to make it easier to fill the buckets.

We live quite a way from town and prefer it that way. We do have a problem with the electric going off a lot, and the Simple Pump solves that problem. We intend to add the solar panels and connect directly to our system soon as we save the money.

By the way, the temperature reached below zero here in West Virginia. Worked fine!

Thanks the great service and for making a great American product!
Lost Creek, WV


One Step at a Time

I appreciate your interest in our story, especially as it  affects your future clients.  In my case my wife and I installed our own pump and with your excellent instructions it went quite smoothly.

The most challenging part as I recall (it’s been a few years now) was actually removing the driller’s spot welded plate from the casing.  After that it was simply a matter of  exercising a little patience and following the instructions one step at a time (and understanding the importance of not dropping anything down the hole!).

I must admit that I may be a little “handier” than most, but a little patience and an ability to follow  instructions could make up for a lack of experience in the mechanical world.

Incidentally, I am continually impressed by your people and their unfailing congenial attitude and helpful depth of knowledge whenever I have called with questions.  I have recommended your pump on numerous occasions and enjoy showing it off whenever the opportunity arises.


Ulster County, NY: Well depth: 190 ft.

Water from this well is the only source of fresh water on our property. We have had the pump for 3 years and it has never failed us. We use it to wash our hands (there’s no house on the property), wash vegetables before cooking on the fire, fill up our fire suppression unit, etc. It is very easy to install and use.

Excellent quality and the representative that helped us was very knowledgeable an helped us figure out what pump we needed. We use it year round for 10 degree weather and up — no problem with it freezing.


No-Go with Professionals

After paying for three separate visits from plumbers for installation and repairs from incorrect installation, my wife and I decided to run pipes and rods ourselves.

I had to phone Simple Pump with questions but with their fantastic (and patient) customer service, we got it installed correctly.

Although the pump comes in handy at the end of the property where there is no plumbing, here in the east coast mountains, it really is a blessing during power outages when there is no electricity to pump water.


All the Help I Needed

The calls I made to Simple pump for technical help were all I needed to install the simple pump myself. We have many well drilling companies in the Eugene/Springfield area that I am sure would be competent and fair in their bid to install this pump.

I love the pump and it provides me with the knowledge that I can provide a most vital resource for my family in the event of power outage and or natural or man made disaster. I have a one year supply of freeze dried food with a 30 year shelf life. All I need is a source of water to utilize it, and the simple pump is my insurance that I will have that without storing water.