In the Utah Mountains

We live in the mountains of Utah where the power goes out, off and on, throughout the winter months.  I researched every hand pump I could in order to find one that would work as a backup for years to come…I have a personality quirk where I do not want to go back and re-do any job…things need to be right the first time then be low maintenance thereafter.  We did not want cast iron because of rust.  We did not want plastic because of poor durability.  Stainless steel seemed like the only way to go.  After several phone calls to Gary Wittig and emails back and forth with Michael Linehan, I settled on the Simple Pump as it was the only one to fit all the requirements.

My 20 year old son (who is a ranch hand) and a family friend installed the pump.  Neither had ever seen one before opening this one. They watched the video, and a few days later they went to install the pump next to the submersible. Son walks back in the house about 90 minutes later and said “That was a breeze to install and it works great!  When I get ready to put one into my place I am headed to Nevada to get one just like yours!” Then as he holds out two fingers together and motions without moving his wrist and said “with this much pressure we can pump 5 gallons a minute.”

I am confident we will be happy with this for a long time.  Between the high quality product and the top rate customer service, Simple Pump is completely cost effective.

Utah Mountains