We Do Like The Simple Pump

I would like to say that we do like the Simple Pump.

It was finally installed after a 6 month delay that it took to get on the list of the pump company. They were fantastic when it was finally done.

We had to have a well put down to 70’ and our static water is at 20’. Our drop pipe goes to 60’. We should have plenty of water. The pump is easy to use and I am very satisfied with the ease of pumping. I am 69 and I can pump it with 3 fingers. Easy. Not that I would want to but it is not hard to get the water.

We did this because we wanted to have a back up system.  We do not have water access anywhere on or very near where we are located.

If power went out for any length of time we were in big trouble. We are too old to go and drag water back to the house for any distance at all.

I wanted the peace of mind knowing that, if need be, we had an access to water in any emergency situation.

We can pump it into our system if we had to.  In the winter that would probably be a problem.  We get really cold winters up here.

I would rather be sure that I have water available to carry if I had to than not to have it at all.

It was definitely a good investment.