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10 Reasons To Install a Modular Well Pump

By Simple Pump on May 27, 2022
You need water to live; this is just a fact of life. No matter where you reside, whether it be in the city, suburbs, or rural areas, having a reliable water source is vital to sustaining life.  While many of us take clean water for granted, the fact is that having a dependable water source […]

Well Pump Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

By Simple Pump on September 17, 2021
Almost all urban households have access to a constant supply of water. They are connected to a central system that is controlled and monitored by the local water utility. However, rural houses do not have the same luxuries. They are often responsible for setting up their own water supply system. In fact, millions of rural […]

Simple Pump with Solar Power is Ideal for Open Range Watering

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
THE SIMPLE PUMP WITH SOLAR POWER PERFORMANCE A typical submersible pumps a large volume of water really quickly.This requires many solar panels and batteries. The Simple Pump is designed to pump over time — requiring far fewer panels and batteries. RELIABILITY Our pumps are very cost-effective, in part because our precision manufacturing makes them extraordinarily reliable. That reliability […]

Easy Water Pumping with the Solar Powered Water Pump from Simple Pump

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
OFF-GRID SOLAR-POWERED WATER PUMPS No other solar-powered water pump has this feature that the Simple Pump solar-powered water pump systems have. Simple Pump’s Solar Pump makes off-grid water easy and reliable. While hand pumps are capable of providing water for your off-grid living and Simple Pump’s hand pumps are far easier to pump than other hand pumps on the market, not everyone wants to hand pump their water. It sometimes […]

Free Well Training To Learn More About Your Well Water Supply

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
FREE WELL TRAINING EMAIL INFO ABOUT YOUR WELL AND ITS WATER Look after your water and be an informed consumer of professional services. Their ten email lessons are organized by topic. 1. THE SCIENCE OF GROUNDWATER Knowing the geology of your well provides you with an understanding of possible sources of contamination, as well as […]

Hand Operated Well Pump Works Perfectly in Canada's Winter

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
USING THE SIMPLE PUMP HAND OPERATED WELL PUMP IN WINTER WEATHER SUB-ZERO FIVE MONTH-LONG WINTER — NO PROBLEM All the local tradesmen laughed at me when I said I wanted to use a hand-operated well pump in Canada. My static water level sat at 110 feet below the surface. Apparently, I was an idiot! AT […]

Off-grid Water Supply with the Simple Pump Solar Pump

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
Solar Powered Well Pump Provides Stable Water When Living Off-Grid ‘Living without electricity is Simple—Living without water is impossible.’Simple Pump owner Brett Parman, Minnesota. Brett lives off-grid, like off-off-grid. No electricity, no running water. Almost 5 years ago, Brett began an adventure. It started with building a house in the woods. They had a very limited budget and were collecting […]

Power Grid Reliability

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
U.S. POWER GRID GETS LESS RELIABLE IS THE GRID REALLY UNRELIABLE? (This article was written in 2011. You may find some details that have changed over time. The basic idea still remains the same… the grid is a mess.) Those concerned with preparedness don’t want to live off-grid but fear that they may have to. They […]

12 Best Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Well Hand Pump

By Simple Pump on March 27, 2021
WELL HAND PUMP EVALUATION TIPS Whether you are looking for a hand pump to be the main pump to supply water into your pressure tank or a hand pump as an emergency backup water pump, there are several things to consider when evaluating hand pumps. FIRST – CONSIDER YOUR WELL SPECIFICATIONS AND PUMP CAPABILITIES There […]